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1. The act of proceeding, moving on, advancing, or issuing; regular, orderly, or ceremonious progress; continuous course. That the procession of their life might be More equable, majestic, pure, and free. (trench)
2. That which is moving onward in an orderly, stately, or solemn manner; a train of persons advancing in order; a ceremonious train; a retinue; as, a procession of mourners; the lord Mayor’s procession. Here comes the townsmen on procession. (Shak)
3. An orderly and ceremonial progress of persons, either from the sacristy to the choir, or from the choir around the church, within or without.
4. An old term for litanies which were said in procession and not kneeling. Procession of the holy ghost, a theological term applied to the relation of the Holy spirit to the father and the Son, the Eastern Church affirming that the Spirit proceeds from the Father only, and the western Church that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Procession week, a name for rogation week, when processions were made; cross-week.
Origin: F, fr. L. Processio. See Proceed.

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