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Prostate carcinoma

prostate carcinoma
(Science: radiology) treatment: stages A and B: radical prostatectomy (prostate, seminal vesicles, part of bladder); some do simple prostatectomy for stage A, stage C: radiation therapy, stage D: orchiectomy and/or oestrogens
stage A tumour discovered incidentally in tissue removed for BPH, A1 Small focal involvement of one lobe, A2 multifocal or diffuse carcinoma, Stage B Palpable carcinoma confined to prostate on digital exam, B1 solitary nodule less than 1.5 cm, B2 Diffuse involvement of both lobes, Stage C Tumour extending through the prostate capsule; no metastasis, Stage D metastases, usually to bone and/or pelvic lymph nodes

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