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Purinoceptor P2X4

A membrane ion channels that is widely expressed in cells involved as a mediator of inflammatory and neuropathic pain.
Purinoceptor P2X4 gene is mapped on chromosome 12q24.32 gated by adenosine-triphosphate and other nucleotides where it leads to the opening of much larger pores permitting large molecules to pass through the cell membrane, thus this increased permeability quickly escort cell death and lysis. It is expressed in the endothelial cell that functions in response to the changes in the blood flow consequently, it is crucial to flow-sensitive mechanism that regulates blood pressure and vascular remodeling.
Purinoceptor P2X4 is needed for tactile allodynia in response to nerve injury since its action in the spinal microglia and peripheral macrophages instigate pain hypersensitivity caused by inflammation and injury to a peripheral nerve. It is widely expressed in brain, lung, thymus, spinal cord, bladder, testis, adrenal and vas deferens.
Purinoceptor P2X4 has been implicated in the regulation of cardiac function, synaptic strengthening, ATP-mediated cell death and activation of inflammatory.
Gene name: P2RX4
Protein name: P2X purinoceptor 4
• P2X4
• P2X4R
• ATP receptor
• Purinergic receptor
• P2X receptor, subunit 4
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Ion channels

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