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1. To press against with force; to drive or impel by pressure; to endeavor to drive by steady pressure, without striking; opposed to draw. Sidelong had pushed a mountain from his seat. (milton)
2. To thrust the points of the horns against; to gore. If the ox shall push a manservant or maidservant, . . . The ox shall be stoned. (Ex. Xxi. 32)
3. To press or urge forward; to drive; to push an objection too far. To push his fortune. Ambition pushes the soul to such actions as are apt to procure honor to the actor. (Spectator) We are pushed for an answer. (swift)
4. To bear hard upon; to perplex; to embarrass.
5. To importune; to press with solicitation; to tease. To push down, to overthrow by pushing or impulse.
Origin: OE. Possen, pussen, F. Pousser, fr. L. Pulsare, v. Intens. Fr. Pellere, pulsum, to beat, knock, push. See Pulse a beating, and cf. Pursy.
1. A thrust with a pointed instrument, or with the end of a thing.
2. Any thrust. Pressure, impulse, or force, or force applied; a shove; as, to give the ball the first push.
3. An assault or attack; an effort; an attempt; hence, the time or occasion for action. Exact reformation is not perfected at the first push. (milton) hen it comes to the push, tic no more than talk. (L’ Estrange)
4. The faculty of overcoming obstacles; aggressive energy; as, he has push, or he has no push.
Synonym: See thrust.
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