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1. Anything that remains, or is left, after the separation and removal of a part; residue; remnant. The last remainders of unhappy troy. If these decoctions be repeated till the water comes off clear, the remainder yields no salt. (Arbuthnot)
2. (Science: mathematics) The quantity or sum that is left after subtraction, or after any deduction.
3. An estate in expectancy, generally in land, which becomes an estate in possession upon the determination of a particular prior estate, created at the same time, and by the same instrument; for example, if land be conveyed to A for life, and on his death to B, A’s life interest is a particuar estate, and B’s interest is a remainder, or estate in remainder.
Synonym: balance, rest, residue, remnant, leavings.
Origin: OF. Remaindre, inf. See Remain.

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