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Removable partial denture

A partial denture that can be removed and reinserted with ease, without the aid of a dental professional
Partial dentures may either be removable or fixed. The removable type is easier to wear, clean, and maintain than the non-removable. It is also less expensive. Nevertheless, some people find constant removing and wearing of denture tedious. Also, the removable type does not feel like a natural tooth and does not function as efficiently as the real tooth as well. Eating foods that are hard, sticky, and rubbery is not advisable. Foodstuff may also get under the denture, and cause pain.
This type of denture is suggested especially to people who do not have the tooth (or teeth) to support needed for a fixed partial denture.
Abbreviation/Acronym: RPD

  • Removable bridge


  • fixed partial denture

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