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1. A second or repeated view; a reexamination; a retrospective survey; a looking over again; as, a review of one’s studies; a review of life.
2. An examination with a view to amendment or improvement; revision; as, an author’s review of his works.
3. A critical examination of a publication, with remarks; a criticism; a critique.
4. A periodical containing critical essays upon matters of interest, as new productions in literature, art, etc.
5. An inspection, as of troops under arms or of a naval force, by a high officer, for the purpose of ascertaining the state of discipline, equipments, etc.
6. The judicial examination of the proceedings of a lower court by a higher.
7. A lesson studied or recited for a second time. Bill of review, a commission formerly granted by the crown to revise the sentence of the court of delegates.
Synonym: Reexamination, resurvey, retrospect, survey, reconsideration, revisal, revise, revision.
Origin: F. Revue, fr. Revu, p. P. Of revoir to see again, L. Revidere; pref. Re- re- – videre to see. See View, and cf. Revise.

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