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Right pulmonary artery

right pulmonary artery
(Science: anatomy, artery) The longer of the two terminal branches of the pulmonary trunk, it passes transversely across the mediastinum passing inferior to the aortic arch to enter the hilum of the right lung. Branches are distributed with the bronchi; frequent variations occurs. Typical branches to the superior lobe (rami lobi superioris ) are apical (ramus apicalis ), anterior ascending (rami anterior ascendens ), anterior descending (ramus anterior descendens ), posterior ascending (ramus posterior ascendens ), and posterior descending (ramus posterior descendens ); to the middle lobe (rami lobi medii ) are medial (ramus medialis ) and lateral (ramus lateralis ); and to the inferior lobe (rami lobi inferioris ) are superior (apical) branch of inferior lobe (ramus superior (apicalis) lobi inferioris ), and the anterior, lateral (lateralis), medial (medialis) and posterior basal branches (rami basalis).
Synonym: arteria pulmonalis dextra.

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