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1. Of or pertaining to the country; rural; as, the rustic gods of antiquity. And many a holy text around she strews, That teach the rustic moralist to die. (gray) She had a rustic, woodland air. (Wordsworth)
2. Rude; awkward; rough; unpolished; as, rustic manners. A rustic muse.
3. Coarse; plain; simple; as, a rustic entertainment; rustic dress.
4. Simple; artless; unadorned; unaffected. Rustic moth summer houses, or furniture for summer houses, etc, made of rough limbs of trees fancifully arranged.
Synonym: rural, rude, unpolished, inelegant, untaught, artless, honest. See Rural.
Origin: L. Rusticus, fr. Rus, ruris, the country: cf. F. Rustique. See Rural.

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