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Schistosoma spindale

A schistosome species that invades the portal and the mesenteric veins of ruminants and occasionally horses and dogs in Africa, Indo-Pakistan, and Southeast Asia
Schistosoma is a genus belonging to class Trematoda of phylum Platyhelminthes. Members of this genus are commonly called schistosomes or blood flukes. One of the distinctive features of schistosomes is their sexual dimorphism such that the males are females differ in size or length and the males have a gynecophore to carry their female mate. The genus includes species such as S. japonicum, S. spindale, S. haematobium, S. indicum, S. intercalatum, S. malayensis, S. mansoni, and S. mekongi.
S. spindale is a schistosome species found in Africa, Indo-Pakistan, and Southeast Asia. It can invade the portal and the mesenteric veins of its definitive hosts such as ruminants, and occasionally horses, and dogs, and cause schistosomiasis. It occurs predominantly in Africa, Indo-Pakistan, and Southeast Asia. Its intermediate host is a freshwater snail, Indoplanorbis exustus. This schistosome species was resported to cause cercarial dermatitis in humans.1
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  • Schistosoma
  • schistosomiasis
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    1 Narain, K., Rajguru, S. K., & Mahanta, J. (1998). “Incrimination of Schistosoma spindale as a causative agent of farmer’s dermatitis in Assam with a note on liver pathology in mice”. The Journal of communicable diseases 30 (1): 1–6.

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