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1. A secular ecclesiastic, or one not bound by monastic rules.
2. A church official whose functions are confined to the vocal department of the choir.
3. A layman, as distinguished from a clergyman.
1. Coming or observed once in an age or a century. The secular year was kept but once a century. (Addison)
2. Pertaining to an age, or the progress of ages, or to a long period of time; accomplished in a long progress of time; as, secular inequality; the secular refrigeration of the globe.
3. Of or pertaining to this present world, or to things not spiritual or holy; relating to temporal as distinguished from eternal interests; not immediately or primarily respecting the soul, but the body; worldly. New foes arise, Threatening to bind our souls with secular chains. (milton)
4. Not regular; not bound by monastic vows or rules; not confined to a monastery, or subject to the rules of a religious community; as, a secular priest. He tried to enforce a stricter discipline and greater regard for morals, both in the religious orders and the secular clergy. (Prescett)
5. Belonging to the laity; lay; not clerical. ”I speak of folk in secular estate.
(Science: astronomy)” (Chaucer) Secular equation, games celebrated, at long but irregular intervals, for three days and nights, with sacrifices, theatrical shows, combats, sports, and the like. Secular music, any music or songs not adapted to sacred uses. Secular hymn or poem, a hymn or poem composed for the secular games,
or sung or rehearsed at those games.
Origin: OE. Secular, seculer. L. Saecularis, fr. Saeculum a race, generation, age, the times, the world; perhaps akin to E. Soul: cf. F. Seculier.

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