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One more than six; six and one added; as, seven days make one week. Seven sciences. See the note under Science.
(Science: astronomy) Seven stars, the pleiades. Seven wonders of the world. See Wonders.
(Science: botany) Seven-year apple, a tropical climbing plant (ipomoea tuberosa) related to the morning-glory.
Origin: OE. Seven, seoven, seofen, AS. Seofon, seofan, seofen; akin to D. Zeven, OS, Goth, & OHG. Sibun, G. Sieben, Icel. Sjau, sjo, Sw. Sju, Dan. Syv, Lith. Septyni, Russ. Seme, W. Saith, Gael. Seachd, Ir. Seacht, L. Septem, Gr, Skr. Saptan. Cf. Hebdomad, Heptagon, September.

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