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1. The part (usually an iron or steel plate) of a plow which cuts the ground at the bottom of a furrow; a plowshare.
2. The part which opens the ground for the reception of the seed, in a machine for sowing seed.
Origin: OE. Schar, AS. Scear; akin to OHG. Scaro, G. Schar, pflugshar, and E. Shear, v. See Shear.
1. A certain quantity; a portion; a part; a division; as, a small share of prudence.
2. Especially, the part allotted or belonging to one, of any property or interest owned by a number; a portion among others; an apportioned lot; an allotment; a dividend. My share of fame.
3. Hence, one of a certain number of equal portions into which any property or invested capital is divided; as, a ship owned in ten shares.
4. The pubes; the sharebone. To go shares, to partake; to be equally concerned. Share and share alike, in equal shares.
Origin: OE. Share, AS. Scearu, scaru, fr. Sceran to shear, cut. See Shear.

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