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A great multitude assembled; a crowd; a throng; said especially of fish; as, a shoal of bass. Great shoals of people. Beneath, a shoal of silver fishes glides. (waller)
Origin: AS. Scolu, sceolu, a company, multitude, crowd, akin to OS. Skola; probably originally, a division, and akin to Icel. Skilja to part, divide. See Skill, and cf. School. Of fishes.
To assemble in a multitude; to throng; as, the fishes shoaled about the place.
Origin: Shoaled; Shoaling.
1. A place where the water of a sea, lake, river, pond, etc, is shallow; a shallow. The depth of your pond should be six feet; and on the sides some shoals for the fish to lay their span. (Mortimer) Wolsey, that once trod the ways of glory, And sounded all the depths and shoals of honor. (Shak)
2. A sandbank or bar which makes the water shoal. The god himself with ready trident stands, And opes the deep, and spreads the moving sands, Then heaves them off the shoals. (Dryden)

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