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Origin: L. Singularitas: cf. F. Singularite.
1. The quality or state of being singular; some character or quality of a thing by which it is distinguished from all, or from most, others; peculiarity. Pliny addeth this singularity to that soil, that the second year the very falling down of the seeds yieldeth corn. (Sir. W. Raleigh) I took notice of this little figure for the singularity of the instrument. (Addison)
2. Anything singular, rare, or curious. Your gallery Have we passed through, not without much content In many singularities. (Shak)
3. Possession of a particular or exclusive privilege, prerogative, or distinction. No bishop of Rome ever took upon him this name of singularity universal bishop (hooker) Catholicism . . . Must be understood in opposition to the legal singularity of the Jewish nation. (bp. Pearson)
4. Celibacy.

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