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1. Fat; thick; plump; bulky. Nor the squab daughter nor the wife were nice. (Betterton)
2. Unfledged; unfeathered; as, a squab pigeon.
Origin: Cf. Dial. Sw. Sqvabb a soft and fat body, sqvabba a fat woman, Icel. Kvap jelly, jellylike things, and and E. Quab.
1. (Science: zoology) A neatling of a pigeon or other similar bird, especially. When very fat and not fully fledged.
2. A person of a short, fat figure. Gorgonious sits abdominous and wan, Like a fat squab upon a Chinese fan. (Cowper)
3. A thickly stuffed cushion; especially, one used for the seat of a sofa, couch, or chair; also, a sofa. Punching the squab of chairs and sofas. (Dickens) On her large squab you find her spread. (pope)

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