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Syracuse dish

noun, plural: Syracuse dishes
A laboratory glass equipment used for observing microorganisms and invertebrates, microcultures, staining, and in microtechniques
A Syracuse dish is glassware in biological laboratories that is used mainly for observing microorganisms and invertebrates, for microcultures, for staining, and for different phases of microtechniques. It has a shallow depression, circular in shape, thick, and clear. It has a beveled upper edge. The bottom may be grooved for stacking. Its outer diameter is about 67 mm and its inner diameter is about 52 mm.
Syracuse dish should not be confused with laboratory equipment, Petri dish. The Petri dish is also a circular clear dish. However, while a Syracuse dish is thick, the Petri dish is relatively thinner. The Petri dish may be made up of glass or plastic and with a loose-fitting cover. It is primarily used for culturing cells. The Syracuse dish has more versatile functions as it may be used for observing small organisms, such as nematodes, staining and microtechniques.

  • Syracuse watch glass

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