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Tasmanian Devil

”’Tasmanian devil
got its name by early European settlers because of
-spine chilling screeches
black coat
-when angry ears go red
-opens mouth when scared or uncertain to reveal many teeth
-Fierce noises used in defense including harsh coughs, snarls and growling yelps
worlds largest living carnivorous marsupial
size of small dog
-strong stocky body
-large broad head
-short thick tail
black fur with white markings on chest and rump
-some may seem entirely black
males weigh 9-12 kg
females weigh 7-9 kg
-in dense vegetation it forms trails
-running, hind feet kept together in hopping action (like a bunny)
Great climbers and swimmers, especially the youngsters
breeding in march
young born in April
-20-40 young are born
-only four tits are present on the mothers belly
-average number to survive are 2-3
mother eats dead ones
-For a long time it was thought that only 2-3 were born, but that was because it was recorded afer the mother had already eaten the rest
young remain in pouch until august
young remain in den from Aug. – Jan.
-fully grown at 2-3 yrs of age
-Life expectancy 5 yrs. (can live up to 8)
habitat and distribution
-Only found in tasmania
once found on mainland of australia
found all over the island of tasmania, but mostly in eucalypt forests and coastal woodlands
dingo invasion responsible for extinction on mainland
devil livs in burrows
also found resting in hollow logs
builds nests for shelter in the day time
May be found sunbathing for vitamin d during evening hours in quiet places
Not strictly territorial
occupy home Range of 8-20 square km
home ranges overlap with other devils home ranges
travels 8km in one night
-can quickly locate dead animals with smell
finds carcasses in forests, along roadsides along beaches (will eat dead fish)
new food sources on range lands, dead sheep,(farmers priorly thought that they killed the sheep, because they were allways found at the carcasses, so they were hunted, being paid a bounty of 35 cents for every female and 25 cents for every dead male)
devil eats walllabies, small mammaals, birds reptiles amphibians and insects
bite is 10 times stronger than that of the strongest dog ever measured
individuals eat up to 3-4 kg in one night, sometimes up to half of their own weight!
Eats whole animal with fur and bones because of special enzymes to help break down this roughage, and an extra hard layer of enamel
When devils unite at a food source, they have been observed eating the entire animal (even horses and cows), only leaving the skull and tail.
helps keep bushlands clean and free of rotting dead animals
Protected species since june 1941
see also : Facial“>tumor Disease (newest threat to the survival of this extraordinary species)

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