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Tensor veli palati muscle

tensor veli palati muscle
(Science: anatomy) tensor muscle of soft palate, musculus tensor palati; musculus palatosalpingeus; musculus sphenosalpingostaphylinus; dilator tubae; origin, scaphoid fossa of sphenoid, cartilaginous and membranous part of auditory (eustachian) tube and spine of sphenoid; insertion, posterior border of hard palate and aponeurosis of soft palate; action, tenses the soft palate; contributes to opening of auditory tube; nerve supply, branches of trigeminal nerve through the otic ganglion.
Synonym: musculus tensor veli palatini, dilator tubae, musculus palatosalpingeus, musculus sphenosalpingostaphylinus, musculus tensor palati, palatosalpingeus, tensor muscle of soft palate.

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