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Thimet oligopeptidase

thimet oligopeptidase
(Science: enzyme) Endo-oligopeptidase was EC 1989-1992; clpeptidase was EC 1978-1992; thioldependent metalloproteinase which cleaves bonds with hydrophobic residues at p1, p2 and p3′ and a small residue at p1′ in substrates with 5-15 residues
Registry number: EC
Synonym: pz-peptidase b, pz-peptidase a, pz-peptidase, endo-oligopeptidase, proenkephalin converting enzyme, endo-oligopeptidase a, endopeptidase a, enkephalin-converting enzyme, endooligopeptidase a, endopeptidase 22.19, soluble metallo-endopeptidase, endopeptidase 24.15, thimet peptidase, tissue-endopeptidase degrading collagenasesynthetic substrate, cl-peptidase, metalloendopeptidase 24.15, zinc endopeptidase 24-15, endopeptidase

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