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(Science: gastroenterology, microbiology, oncology) infection with a fungus of the genus candida.
It is usually a superficial infection of the moist cutaneous areas of the body and is generally caused by candida albicans, it most commonly involves the skin (dermatocandidiasis), oral mucous membranes (oral candidiasis), respiratory tract (bronchocandidiasis) and vagina (vaginal candidiasis or thrush). Rarely there is a systemic infection or endocarditis.
oral candidiasis: describes a fungal (yeast) infection of the oral cavity due to candida. It is common in infants, diabetics or those on chemotherapy and is well recognised in patients with hIV infection and aIDS.
oesophageal candidiasis: infection of the oesophagus by the yeast-like fungus Candidal albicans. Usually occurs in the immunocompromised individual (aIDS or following chemotherapy). Oral candidiasis is a predisposing factor but oesophageal involvement can occur without evidence of infection in the oral cavity. Symptoms include difficulty swallowing, pain on swallowing and oral lesions. Diagnosis is made usin
g endoscopy.
treatment is with antifungal agents such as ketoconazole or fluconazole.
Synonym: moniliasis, candidosis, oidiomycosis, blastodendriosis.

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