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1. To produce thunder; to sound, rattle, or roar, as a discharge of atmospheric electricity; often used impersonally; as, it thundered continuously. Canst thou thunder with a voice like him? (job xl. 9)
2. To make a loud noise; especially. A heavy sound, of some continuance. His dreadful voice no more Would thunder in my ears. (milton)
3. To utter violent denunciation.
Origin: AS. Unrian. See Thunder.
1. The sound which follows a flash of lightning; the report of a discharge of atmospheric electricity.
2. The discharge of electricity; a thunderbolt. The revenging gods ‘Gainst parricides did all their thunders bend. (Shak)
3. Any loud noise; as, the thunder of cannon.
4. An alarming or statrling threat or denunciation. The thunders of the Vatican could no longer strike into the heart of princes. (Prescott) Thunder pumper.
(Science: zoology) The chicken, or milk, snake. A small reddish ground snake (Carphophis, or Celuta, amoena) native to the Eastern united states; called also worm snake. Thunder tube, a fulgurite. See Fulgurite.
Origin: OE. Under, onder, oner, AS. Unor; akin to unian to stretch, to thunder, D. Donder thunder, G. Donner, OHG. Donar, Icel. Orr Thor, L. Tonare to thunder, tonitrus thunder, Gr. A stretching, straining, Skr. Tan to stretch. 52. See Thin, and cf. Astonish, Detonate, Intone, Thursday, Tone.

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