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(1) A perception or sense that results from the activation of neural receptors in the skin, and other mucous membranes including the tongue, throat, and mucosa, primarily by contact.
(2) The act of touching.
(3) A (slight) mix (of).
(1) To perceive through tactile sense.
(2) To make a (physical) contact with.
(3) To be or come into (physical) contact with; to meet; to intersect.
(4) To strike or feel, especially lightly, against.
(5) To affect slightly.
Word origin: Middle English touchen, from Vulgar Latin toccāre .

See also:

  • Sense of touch
  • Related term(s):

    • Touch cell
    • Touch corpuscle
    • Touch-me-not
    • Touch-needle
    • Royal touch

    Mentioned in:

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