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Transforming growth factor

transforming growth factor
(Growth Factor) proteins secreted by transformed cells that can stimulate growth of normal cells.
Unfortunate misnomer, since they induce aspects of transformed phenotype, such as growth in semi solid agar, but do not actually transform.
Transforming growth factor alpha, 50 amino acid polypeptide originally isolated from viral transformed rodent cells, contains eGF like domain and binds to eGF receptor. Stimulates growth of microvascular endothelial cells, i.e. Is angiogenic.
Transforming growth factor beta a homodimer of two 112 chains, polypeptide is secreted by many different cell types, stimulates wound healing but in vitro is also a growth inhibitor for certain cell types. The transforming growth factor family includes many of the bone morphogenetic proteins.
Acronym: TGF

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