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1. (Science: medicine) A remedy against poison. See Theriac. We kill the viper, and make treacle of him. (Jer. Taylor)
2. A sovereign remedy; a cure. Christ which is to every harm treacle. (Chaucer).
3. Molasses; sometimes, specifically, the molasses which drains from the sugar-refining molds, and which is also called sugarhouse molasses.
In the united states molasses is the common name; in England, treacle.
4. A saccharine fluid, consisting of the inspissated juices or decoctions of certain vegetables, as the sap of the birch, sycamore, and the like.
(Science: botany) Treacle mustard same as Theriac.
Origin: OE. Triacle a sovereign remedy, theriac, OF. Triacle, F. Theriaque (cf. Pr. Triacla, tiriaca, Sp. & It. Triaca, teriaca), L. Theriaca an antidote against the bite of poisonous animals, Gr, fr. Of wild or venomous beasts, fr. Qhrion a beast, a wild beast, dim. Of qhr a beast. Cf. Theriac.

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