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1. To put forth or out; to reach out. How bragly proudly it begins to bud, And utter his tender head. (Spenser)
2. To dispose of in trade; to sell or vend. Such mortal drugs I have, but Mantua’s law Is death to any he that utters them. (Shak) They bring it home, and utter it commonly by the name of newfoundland fish. (abp. Abbot)
3. Hence, to put in circulation, as money; to put off, as currency; to cause to pass in trade; often used, specifically, of the issue of counterfeit notes or coins, forged or fraudulent documents, and the like; as, to utter coin or bank notes. The whole kingdom should continue in a firm resolution never to receive or utter this fatal coin. (swift)
4. To give public expression to; to disclose; to publish; to speak; to pronounce. Sweet as from blest, uttering joy. The words I utter Let none think flattery, for they ‘ll find ’em truth. (Shak) And the last words he uttered called me cruel. (Addison)
Synonym: To deliver, give forth, issue, liberate, discharge, pronounce. See Deliver.
Origin: OE. Outren, freq. Of outen to utter, put out, AS. Utian to put out, eject, fr. Ut out. See Out, and cf. Utter.

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