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1. Low; base; worthless; mean; despicable. A poor man in vile raiment. (James II. 2) The craft either of fishing, which was Peter’s, or of making tents, which was Paul’s, were was more vile than the science of physic. (Ridley) The inhabitants account gold but as a vile thing. (abp. Abbot)
2. Morally base or impure; depraved by sin; hateful; in the sight of god and men; sinful; wicked; bad. Such vile base practices. Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee ? (job xl. 4)
Synonym: See base.
Vilely, Vileness.
Origin: OE. Vil, F. Vil, from L. Vilis cheap, worthless, vile, base.

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