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1. To lay claim to; to assert a right to; to claim. Is thine alone the seed that strews the plain? The birds of heaven shall vindicate their grain. (pope)
2. To maintain or defend with success; to prove to be valid; to assert convincingly; to sustain against assault; as, to vindicate a right, claim, or title.
3. To support or maintain as true or correct, against denial, censure, or objections; to defend; to justify. When the respondent denies any proposition, the opponent must directly vindicate . . . That proposition. (I. Watts) Laugh where we must, be candid where we can, But vindicate the ways of god to man. (pope)
4. To maintain, as a law or a cause, by overthrowing enemies.
5. To liberate; to set free; to deliver. I am confident he deserves much more That vindicates his country from a tyrant Than he that saves a citizen. (Massinger)
6. To avenge; to punish; as, a war to vindicate or punish infidelity. God is more powerful to exact subjection and to vindicate rebellion. (bp. Pearson)
Synonym: To assert, maintain, claim. See Assert.
Origin: L. Vindicatus, p. P. Of vindicare to lay claim to, defend, avenge. See Vengeance.

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