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1. Oaken timber or boarding. A wedge wainscot is fittest and most proper for cleaving of an oaken tree. (Urquhart) Inclosed in a chest of wainscot. (J. Dart)
2. A wooden lining or boarding of the walls of apartments, usually made in panels.
3. (Science: zoology) Any one of numerous species of European moths of the family Leucanidae.
They are reddish or yellowish, streaked or lined with black and white. Their larvae feed on grasses and sedges.
Origin: OD. Waeghe-schot, D. Wagen-schot, a clapboard, fr. OD. Waeg, weeg, a wall (akin to AS. Wah; cf. Icel. Veggr) – schot a covering of boards (akin to E. Shot, shoot).

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