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1. An instrument of offensive of defensive combat; something to fight with; anything used, or designed to be used, in destroying, defeating, or injuring an enemy, as a gun, a sword, etc. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. (2 cor. X. 4) They, astonished, all resistance lost, All courage; down their idle weapons dropped. (milton)
2. The means or instrument with which one contends against another; as, argument was his only weapon. Woman’s weapons, water drops.
3. (Science: botany) A thorn, prickle, or sting with which many plants are furnished. Concealed weapons. See Concealed. Weapon salve, a salve which was supposed to cure a wound by being applied to the weapon that made it.
Origin: OE. Wepen, AS. Wpen; akin to OS. Wpan, OFries. Wpin, wpen, D. Wapen, G. Waffe, OHG. Waffan, wafan, Icel. Vapn, Dan. Vaaben, Sw. Vapen, Goth. Wpna, pl.; of uncertain origin. Cf. Wapentake.

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