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noun, plural: whipworms
A parasitic nematode of the genus Trichuris, particularly Trichuris trichuria, characterized by its whip-like anterior end
Whipworms are roundworms (nematodes) of the genus Trichuris of the family Trichuridae. There are over 20 species of this genus and they are found to infest the large intestine of their host.1
Their name, whipworm, is derived from their whip-like appearance. Their body is thickened posteriorly but with very long and threadlike anterior end. Thus, they look like whips with handles at the posterior end.1
One notable species is the Trichuris trichuria (also called Trichocephalus trichiuris), which is a human whipworm. This species infests the human intestine. The species is the causative agent of human trichuriasis. They live in the cecum and ascending colon of the human host. The adult whipworms are typically 4 cm in length.2
Other notable species of Trichuris are T. campanula (cat whipworm), T. suis (pig whipworm), T. muris (mouse whipworm), and T. vulpis (dog whipworm).
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  • Nematode
  • trichuriasis
  • Trichuris trichiura
  • helminth
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