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1. In the inner or interior part of; inside of; not without; as, within doors. O, unhappy youth! Come not within these doors; within this roof The enemy of all your graces lives. (Shak) Till this be cured by religion, it is as impossible for a man to be happy that is, pleased and contented within himself as it is for a sick man to be at ease. (Tillotson)
2. In the limits or compass of; not further in length than; as, within five miles; not longer in time than; as, within an hour; not exceeding in quantity; as, expenses kept within one’s income. That he repair should again within a little while. Within these five hours lived lord hastings, Untainted, unexamined, free, at liberty. (Shak)
3. Hence, inside the limits, reach, or influence of; not going outside of; not beyond, overstepping, exceeding, or the like. Both he and she are still within my power. (Dryden) Within himself The danger lies, yet lies within his power. (milton) Were every action concluded within itself, and drew no consequence after it, we should, undoubtedly, never err in our choice of good. (locke)
Origin: OE. Withinne, withinnen, AS. Wioinnan; wio with, against, toward – innan in, inwardly, within, from in in. See With, In.

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