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1. The belly; the abdomen. And he coveted to fill his woman of the cods that the hogs eat, and no man gave him. (Wyclif (Luke xv. 16)) An I had but a belly of any indifferency, I were simply the most active fellow in Europe. My womb, my womb, my womb undoes me. (Shak)
2. (Science: anatomy) The uterus. See Uterus.
3. The place where anything is generated or produced. The womb of earth the genial seed receives. (Dryden)
4. Any cavity containing and enveloping anything. The center spike of gold Which burns deep in the bluebell’s womb. (R. Browning)
Origin: OE. Wombe, wambe, AS. Wamb, womb; akin to D. Wam belly, OS. & OHG. Wamba, G. Wamme, wampe, Icel. Vomb, Sw. V&mb, Dan. Vom, Goth. Wamba.

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