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A taxonomic class in Phylum Proteobacteria in which the species Mariprofundus ferrooxydans belongs
Proteobacteria is a phylum of the domain Bacteria that includes a great diversity of forms of species. This phylum has six taxonomic classes: (1) Alphaproteobacteria, (2) Betaproteobacteria, (3) Gammaproteobacteria, (4) Deltaproteobacteria, (5) Epsilonproteobacteria, and (6) Zetaproteobacteria.
The class Zetaproteobacteria is the most recently described proteobacteria.1 One known species of this class is Mariprofundus ferrooxydans. This species is a chemolithoautotroph isolated from a submarine volcane, Loihi Seamount in 1996.1, 2 It grows by oxidising ferrous to ferric iron. It has a doubling time at 23°C of 12 hours and a curved rod (approximately 0.5×2–5 µm) morphology.1
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  • Alphaproteobacteria
  • Betaproteobacteria
  • Gammaproteobacteria
  • Deltaproteobacteria
  • Epsilonproteobacteria
  • Reference(s):

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    1 Emerson, D. & Moyer, C. L. (2002). “Neutrophilic Fe-oxidizing bacteria are abundant at the Loihi Seamount hydrothermal vents and play a major role in Fe oxide deposition”. Applied and environmental microbiology 68 (6): 3085–3093.

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