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Abuse 1. Improper treatment or use; application to a wrong or bad purpose; misuse; as, an abuse of our natural powers; an... Read More

Oxycodone rarely the sole cause of drug abuse deaths, new study finds

Landmark analysis sets standard for interpretation of deaths involving drug abuse NILES, IL, Feb. 26, 2003 – The vast... Read More

Physical and sexual abuse linked to asthma in Puerto Rican kids

Children who are physically or sexually abused are more than twice as likely to have asthma as their peers, according to... Read More

Challenges in Detecting the Abuse of Growth Hormone in Sport

REVIEWS Cathy M. McHugha,1, Roderick T. Park1, Peter H. Sönksen1 and Richard I.G. Holt1 1 Endocrinology &... Read More

Teenagers with one parent at risk of substance abuse

August 24, 2004 -- Teenagers from some single parent families are most likely to experiment with drugs, cigarettes and... Read More

NIH unprecedented genetic study may help identify people most at risk for alcoholism

Scan of human genome may provide important new tools for prevention and treatment Researchers at the Molecular Neurobiology... Read More

Study Offers Clues To Brain’s Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism

Study Offers Clues To Brain's Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism     ... Read More

Abused animals suffer broken spirits, too

Abuse breaks spirit of animals Experts say animals need to learn to trust humans to begin healing process.  Abused animals... Read More

Mouse study identifies protective mechanism against alcohol-induced embryo toxicity

Researchers have identified a mechanism by which the eight amino acid peptide NAP, an active fragment of a neuroprotective... Read More

Pregnant Women With Bulimia Have More Anxiety And Depression, Study Finds

September 18, 2008 — Women who have bulimia in pregnancy have more symptoms of anxiety and depression compared... Read More

Behavioral sensitization: A new perspective on alcoholism

Alcoholics may drink because they get a "bigger bang" each time they drink. This phenomenon is known as... Read More

Study reveals biochemical signature of cocaine craving in humans

Ask anyone who has been addicted to drugs and they'll tell you that the mere sight of someone using their drug of choice --... Read More

Drinks of the father

A "phenotype" is a way to measure an observable trait or behavior. Researchers examine a phenotype in... Read More

Skin diseases in male prisoners

Roodsari R, Malekzad F, Ardakani M Ebrahimzadeh Department of Dermatology and Skin Research Center, Loghman-e-Hakim... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury may lead to Seizure

Traumatic Brain Injury May Lead to Seizure Traumatic brain injury (TBI), traumatic injuries to the brain, also called... Read More

The body’s biological clock: alcohol may lead to physiological anarchy

Circadian rhythms refer to biological phenomena that oscillate within a 24-hour cycle, in keeping with the earth's... Read More

New test to identify illegal steroids in cattle

In an effort to curb the illegal use of steroids in the European beef industry, scientists in the United Kingdom are... Read More

Human clones: New U.N. analysis lays out world’s choices

Report says ban on human reproductive cloning, coupled with restricted therapeutic research, is global compromise most... Read More

VTT develops one-step drug test

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed an inexpensive one-step drug test method that can instantly detect... Read More

Injections of licorice ingredient show promise as treatment for cocaine addiction

An ingredient in licorice shows promise as an antidote for the toxic effects of cocaine abuse, including deadly overdoses... Read More

Adolescent binge drinking produces tolerance to alcohol

Many young people have their first experience with alcohol between 12 and 17 years of age. "Binge"... Read More

Brain Protein Linked To Alcoholism And Anxiety

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have discoveredthat a protein found in the brain is genetically linked... Read More


Definition noun, plural:substances (1) The physical matter, material or that of which an organ or body consists. (2)... Read More

Alcohol Researchers Relate a Genetic Factor to Anxiety in Women

Researchers have identified a genetic factor that appears to influence anxiety in women. Combining DNA analysis, recordings... Read More

Doctors Must Be Held Accountable For Complying With Torture, Experts Argue

Doctors who assist in torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment should face prosecution and licensing... Read More


Inveterate 1. Old; long-established. It is an inveterate and received opinion. (Bacon) 2. Firmly established by long... Read More


Myocardium Definition What is the myocardium of the heart?  It is the muscular middle layer of the heart that is... Read More


Incest sexual activity between individuals so closely related that marriage is prohibited. Incest involving a child is a... Read More

Potential new drug for cocaine addiction and overdose

Chemists have developed a substance that could help fight addictions and overdoses of cocaine. Credit: U.S.... Read More


Beriberi (Science: disease) An endemic form of polyneuritis (nerve inflammation), due to an unbalanced diet, with a... Read More

Possible Genetic Causes Of Borderline Personality Disorder Identified

December 2008 -- According to the National Institute of Mental Health, borderline personality disorder (BPD) is more common... Read More

New Cannabis-like Drugs Could Block Pain Without Affecting Brain, Says Study

September 14, 2008 — A new type of drug could alleviate pain in a similar way to cannabis without affecting the brain,... Read More


whip 1. To strike with a lash, a cord, a rod, or anything slender and lithe; to lash; to beat; as, to whip a horse, or a... Read More


sensitive 1. Having sense of feeling; possessing or exhibiting the capacity of receiving impressions from external objects;... Read More

Gene silencing may improve treatment of a deadly complication of liver disease

A technique that “silences,” or turns off, genes shows promise as a potential new treatment for liver fibrosis — the... Read More

Staying together ‘for the sake of the kids’ doesn’t necessarily help them

ITHACA, N.Y. – The research is clear: Adolescents tend to fare better – academically and behaviorally – when they... Read More

When It Comes To Intelligence, Size Matters

March 26, 2009 — A collaborative study led by researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI), McGill University... Read More

Combining alcohol and Red Bull reduces the ‘perception’ of impairment

Alcohol's harmful effects on motor coordination, however, remain intact Study results show that drinking alcohol and Red... Read More

Hibernating Squirrels Provide Clues For Stroke, Parkinson’s

A compound that enables squirrels to hibernate may one day help minimize brain damage that results from stroke, according... Read More

You Can Heal Your Life by L. Hay

You Can Heal Your Life      ... Read More