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Acetaldehyde (Science: chemical) a colourless, flammable liquid used in the manufacture of acetic acid, perfumes, and... Read More


Fermentation Definition What is fermentation? Fermentation is the breaking down of sugar molecules into simpler compounds... Read More

Cellular respiration

Cellular Respiration Definition The main function of cellular respiration is to break down glucose to form energy. What is... Read More


Aldehyde (Science: chemistry) a carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen, single-bonded to a hydrogen, and single-bonded to... Read More


Definition noun, plural: lyases (biochemistry) An enzyme that catalyzes the breaking of a chemical bond through means not... Read More

Anaerobic respiration

Anaerobic Respiration Definition What is anaerobic respiration? Anaerobic (cellular) respiration is a respiratory process... Read More