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Obligate aerobe

Definition noun, plural: obligate aerobes An aerobe that requires oxygen for aerobic respiration. Supplement Obligate... Read More


Definition noun, plural: anaerobes An anaerobic organism that does not require oxygen for growth and metabolism (e.g.... Read More


Definition noun, plural: aerobes An aerobic organism, i.e. an organism that requires oxygen for growth and oxygen based... Read More

Obligate anaerobe

Definition noun An anaerobe that does not require oxygen and lives only in anaerobic environment. Supplement Exposure to... Read More


Definition noun, plural: microaerophiles An organism that lives in environment that only has a low level of... Read More

Aerobic bacteria

Definition noun Bacteria that utilize oxygen for growth and oxygen-based metabolism (e.g. aerobic... Read More

Occurrence of Beta-Aminoglutaric Acid in Marine Bacteria

Occurrence of β-Aminoglutaric Acid in Marine Bacteria SUSAN M. HENRICHS1* AND RUSSELL CUHEL2 Institute of Marine Science,... Read More


Definition adjective (general) Compulsory; restricted to a set of parameters or conditions; having no alternative system or... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of, pertaining to, having, or requiring the presence of air or free oxygen. (2) (biology) Requiring... Read More

Anaerobic organism

Definition noun, plural: anaerobic organisms An organism that does not require oxygen for growth and... Read More

Aerobic organism

Definition noun, plural: aerobic organisms An organism that requires oxygen for growth and oxygen based metabolism (e.g.... Read More

Lycinibacillus fusiformis

Definition noun A long rod-shaped obligate aerobe organism that is able to utilize oxygen to metabolize numerous sugars... Read More