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Aliphatic acids

Aliphatic acids The acids of nonaromatic hydrocarbons (e.g., acetic, propionic, butyric acids); the so-called fatty acids of... Read More

Fatty acid

Definition noun plural: fatty acids'' fatty acid, ˈfætɪ ˈæsɪd Any of the group of a long chain of hydrocarbon... Read More


Definition noun plural: fats fats, fæts A term largely applied to storage lipids in animal tissues that are usually solid... Read More


Definition noun plural: lipids lip·id, ˈlɪp ɪd, ˈlaɪ pɪd A fatty or waxy organic compound that is readily soluble... Read More


Definition ''noun, plural: aliphatics A compound composed of carbon and hydrogen arranged in straight or branched chains,... Read More


sporopollenin a major component of the tough outer (exine) walls of spores and pollen grains. (Science: biopolymer) a... Read More