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Anaplastic carcinoma

Anaplastic carcinoma (Science: tumour) carcinoma with absence of epithelial structural... Read More

Oat cell carcinoma

oat cell carcinoma (Science: tumour) An anaplastic, highly malignant, and usually bronchogenic carcinoma composed of small... Read More


Definition adjective Of, relating to, anaplasia Supplement Word origin: plasis (formation) Related term(s):Anaplastic... Read More

Bone scan falsely negative metastases

Bone scan: falsely negative metastases (Science: radiology) anaplastic tumours, reticulum cell sarcoma, renal cell... Read More

Thyroid carcinoma

thyroid carcinoma (Science: radiology) Papillary-follicular (75%), well-differentiated, 95% 5-yr survival with treatment,... Read More