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Aquila Origin: L, an eagle. 1. (Science: ornithology) a genus of eagles. 2. (Science: astronomy) a northern constellation... Read More


Eagle 1. (Science: zoology) Any large, rapacious bird of the falcon family, especially. Of the genera aquila and Haliaeetus.... Read More

Cholangiocytes and blood supply

Cholangiocytes and blood supply Eugenio Gaudio1, Antonio Franchitto2, Luigi Pannarale, Guido Carpino3, Gianfranco... Read More

Natural pine bark extract relieves muscle cramp and pain in athletes and diabetics

A study published in this month's issue of Angiology shows that supplementation with the pine bark extract Pycnogenol®... Read More

Bold eagle

Bold eagle (Science: zoology) An Australian eagle (aquila audax), which destroys lambs and even the kangaroo. To make bold,... Read More


wedge-tailed (Science: ornithology, zoology) Having a tail which has the middle pair of feathers longest, the rest... Read More


Dolphin 1. (Science: zoology) a cetacean of the genus Delphinus and allied genera (especially. D. Delphis); the true... Read More