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Definition noun, plural: mangroves (botany) Any of the trees of the genus Rhizophora (botany) Any of the trees or shrubs... Read More


Mastich --> mastic 1. (Science: botany) a low shrubby tree of the genus pistacia (P. Lentiscus), growing upon the islands... Read More

Prepared chalk

prepared chalk Purified native calcium carbonate, usually molded into cones; used as a mild astringent and... Read More

Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate An astringent, an... Read More


Dock 1. (Science: botany) a genus of plants (Rumex), some species of which are well-known weeds which have a long taproot... Read More


tannin (Science: chemistry plant biology) bitter-tasting, complex aromatic compounds found in the vacuoles of certain plant... Read More


neriine --> conessine Roquessine; 3b-(dimethylamino)con-5-enine; 3b-dimethylamino-18a:20a-methylimino-5-pregnene;a... Read More