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Barr chromatin body

Barr chromatin body --> sex chromatin Condensed chromatin of the inactivated x chromosome in female mammals (Barr... Read More


Definition noun, plural: chromatins A complex of nucleic acids (e.g. DNA or RNA) and proteins (e.g. histones), which... Read More

Barr murray

Barr, Murray (Science: person) Canadian microanatomist, *1908. See: barr chromatin... Read More

Barr body

Definition noun The small, dark-staining mass of inactive X chromosome within the nucleus of non-dividing... Read More

Sex chromatin

Definition noun The small mass of densely, inactive X-chromosome within the nucleus of somatic cell of... Read More


Definition noun Highly condensed, tightly packed form of chromatin, as opposed to the lightly packed... Read More

Chromatin body

Chromatin body barr body, condensed x chromosome in female mammalian... Read More

Facultative heterochromatin

Definition noun Heterochromatin that may lose its condensed state and becomes genetically active Supplement Heterochromatin... Read More