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Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Biodiversity is being threatened at an unprecedented scale by global environmental change brought about by human... Read More

100 Questions To Conserve Global Biodiversity

Conservation experts from 24 world-leading organisations including the WWF, Conservation International and Birdlife... Read More


Biodiversity Lead Author: J. Emmett DuffyThis article has been reviewed and approved by the following Topic Editor: John... Read More

Making Protected Areas Pay Biodiversity Dividends

With human activity pushing more and more species to the brink of extinction--species abundance has declined by 40% between... Read More

Biodiversity in Danger

By Vicki Mozo Biodiversity is in peril. One of the major factors causing the augmenting biodiversity loss is related to... Read More

Conservation International and Toyota partner to protect Philippines’ rain forests

Initiative demonstrates strong tie between conservation and community development Manila, Philippines - Conservation... Read More

African symposium to focus on how nature can help alleviate poverty

Protecting biodiversity crucial to sustainable development Antananarivo, Madagascar – An unprecedented international... Read More

Oil Palm Research In Context: Identifying The Need For Biodiversity Assessment

Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) cultivation has expanded dramatically in recent decades and is frequently cited as a major... Read More

Ecological Restoration: A Global Strategy For Mitigating Climate Change

The Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER) issued a position statement on global climate change during its... Read More

Biodiversity and development challenges in Africa

Biodiversity and development challenges in Africa United Nations Environment Programme (Content Partner); Mark... Read More

Media invitation: How many species in Noah’s Arc?

Media invitation: How many species in Noah's Arc? Scientists gather in Mallorca (Spain) to assess the role of biodiversity... Read More

Losing Species: Is This The Last Century For Wild Seafood?

Losing Species: Is This The Last Century For Wild Seafood? Its findings are startling. A global study lead by Dalhousie's... Read More

Niche Differences In Biodiversity: Species’ Differences Are Responsible For Their Coexistence

Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have found strong evidence that niche differences are critical to biodiversity. Their... Read More

Manipulating biotope space can enhance beneficial biodiversity effects

Using diverse plant mixtures instead of monocultures can increase yield and other ecosystem goods and services on which... Read More

Species Interactions and Biodiversity Conservation

Kent Holsinger In the last couple of lectures we've begun to explore some of the ways in which a single-species focus on... Read More