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Brewing (Science: microbiology) The manufacture of alcoholic beverages such as beer from the fermentation of malted... Read More


Biotechnology Definition Biotechnology is a technology that uses biological systems or living organisms for a particular... Read More

Abertay scientist sets out to find undiscovered yeast

A University of Abertay Dundee scientist has braved scorching temperatures in harsh deserts to track down a new strain of... Read More

The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It

The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It       ... Read More

Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea

Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea ... Read More

Chemistry of a cuppa: Helping to digitize the laboratories of tomorrow

The brewing of tea formed a crucial component of a project which successfully took traditional paper laboratory books and... Read More

Trash today, ethanol tomorrow

University of Maryland research that started with bacteria from the Chesapeake Bay has led to a process that may be able to... Read More


Unicellular organisms are organisms consisting of one cell only that performs all vital functions including metabolism,... Read More

Cultivated yeast

Definition noun, plural: cultivated yeasts Yeast that is grown in cultures for specific purposes such as bread making,... Read More

Dried yeast

Definition noun A type of baker's yeast where it contains dehydrated yeast cells of a particular strain of Saccharomyces... Read More


Definition noun plural: maltoses mal·tose, ˈmɔːltəʊz A reducing disaccharide formed when two glucose monomers join... Read More