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Can Genetic Research Improve Public Health?

April 11, 2003 -- Genetic studies have an important part to play in the health of the general public, according to new... Read More

Europe develops new technologies to boost health of livestock

A range of new technologies including genetic modification (GM) and RNA Interference are being deployed to improve the... Read More

Completed genome set to transform the cow

     The DNA of this Hereford cow, known as Dominette, has provided the genomic... Read More

Technique makes it easier to see mouse embryo in all its glory

A fast, high-resolution, 3D mouse embryo visualization technique developed by collaborators at the University of Texas... Read More

Cancer Genomics Browser Gives Cancer Researchers A Powerful New Tool

March 2009 -- A Cancer Genomics Browser developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, provides a... Read More

Most Fertility Clinic Web Sites Do Not Conform to Ad Guidelines

The majority of fertility clinic Web sites do not adhere to their own association's advertising guidelines, according to a... Read More