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Definition noun, plural: capsids (1) (virology) The protein coat surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus (2) (entomology) A... Read More


Definition noun, plural: capsomeres The protein subunit that assembles into a capsid, protecting the genetic material of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: bacteriophages A virus capable of infecting a bacterial cell, and may cause lysis to its host... Read More


An organism refers to a living thing that has an organized structure, can react to stimuli, reproduce, grow, adapt, and... Read More


Chromatin Definition What is chromatin in a cell? Chromatin is a complex of nucleic acids (e.g. DNA or RNA) and proteins... Read More

Gag protein

Definition noun, plural: Gag proteins A polyprotein encoded by a retroviral gag gene Supplement Gag stands for... Read More


Definition noun, plural: phages (1) A bacteriophage: a virus capable of infecting a bacterial cell, and may cause lysis to... Read More

Naked virus

Definition noun, plural: naked viruses A virus lacking the viral envelope Supplement Naked viruses pertain to those that... Read More

Coat protein

Definition noun Any of the proteins that make up the capsid of a virus Supplement Related term(s):protein... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hexamers (1) A molecule made up of six structural subunits, such as an oligomer (or polymer)... Read More

Protein coat

Definition noun (virology) A coat of proteins surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus Supplement The protein coat is made up... Read More

Yellow fever virus

Definition noun, plural: yellow fever viruses A Flavivirus species containing positive-sense, single-stranded RNA with about... Read More