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Definition ''noun, plural: muscles' An organ made up of muscle tissues, or the tissue itself, enabling contraction or... Read More

Catch muscle

Catch muscle See: adductor... Read More

Muscle tissue

Definition noun, plural: muscle tissues An animal tissue capable of contracting, and therefore enables movement or tension... Read More

MacKinnon lab’s newest picture tells action potential story

Voltage-dependent channel structure reveals masterpiece responsible for all nerve, muscle activity Scientists studying... Read More

The Ratchet Ride to the Ravine or How Not to Cure your Acrophobia

This definitely belongs to the never try this at home department.  Better yet, never try it.  That is, never try it until... Read More

Short-chain fatty acid

Definition noun plural: short-chain fatty acids'' short chain fat·ty ac·id, ʃɔːt ˈt͡ʃeɪn ˈfætɪ ˈæsɪd A type... Read More