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In cell biology, the nucleus is the large, membrane-bounded organelle that contains the genetic material in the form of... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

Lenticular nucleus

Lenticular nucleus Lentiform nucleus, the large cone-shaped mass of gray matter forming the central core of the cerebral... Read More

Superior thalamostriate vein

superior thalamostriate vein (Science: anatomy, vein) A long vein passing forward in the groove between the thalamus and... Read More

Internal capsule

Definition noun (anatomy) A fan-like, 8-10 mm thick of white matter separating the caudate nucleus and the thalamus from the... Read More