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Mucopurulent conjunctivitis

mucopurulent conjunctivitis --> acute catarrhal conjunctivitis An obsolete term for conjunctivitis with marked hyperaemia... Read More

Calcareous conjunctivitis

Calcareous conjunctivitis An obsolete term for a condition in which the palpebral conjunctiva contains minute yellow... Read More

Ophthalmia nivalis

ophthalmia nivalis --> ultraviolet keratoconjunctivitis acute keratoconjunctivitis resulting from exposure to intense... Read More

Spring ophthalmia

spring ophthalmia --> vernal conjunctivitis A chronic, bilateral conjunctival inflammation with photophobia and intense... Read More

Inclusion blennorrhoea

Inclusion blennorrhoea a neonatal conjunctivitis caused by chlamydia... Read More

Ranikhet disease

Definition noun A disease of domestic fowl and other birds caused by a paramyxovirus of the genus Rubulavirus. The disease... Read More


Definition noun, plural: lysozymes A glycosidase that assists in the hydrolysis of glycosidic bond between N-acetyl muramic... Read More

Trantas dots

Trantas' dots Pale, grayish red, uneven nodules of gelatinous aspect at the limbal conjunctiva in vernal... Read More

Angeluccis syndrome

Angeluccis syndrome (Science: syndrome) extreme excitability, vasomotor disturbances, and palpitation associated with vernal... Read More


Definition adjective Of, pertaining to, describing, associated with, or promoting purulence Supplement The term purulent is... Read More

Butter of zinc

Butter of zinc --> zinc chloride ZnCl2;formerly used as a caustic for the removal of cutaneous cancers, nevi, etc., and in... Read More


Chlamydia (Science: protozoa) genus of minute prokaryotes that replicate in cytoplasmic vacuoles within susceptible... Read More

Morax-axenfeld diplobacillus

Morax-Axenfeld diplobacillus --> Moraxella lacunata A species causing conjunctivitis in man; it is the type species of... Read More

Serratia marcescens

Definition Noun A gram-negative motile and non-endospore forming rod bacterium associated with hospital acquired infections... Read More

Haemophilus aegyptius

Definition Noun A gram-negative bacterium involved as a causative agent in Brazilian purpuric fever. Supplement Haemophilus... Read More