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Defect 1. Want or absence of something necessary for completeness or perfection; deficiency; opposed to superfluity. Errors... Read More


Defect 1. Want or absence of something necessary for completeness or perfection; deficiency; opposed to superfluity. Errors... Read More


Fault 1. Defect; want; lack; default. One, it pleases me, for fault of a better, to call my friend. (Shak) 2. Anything that... Read More


Defective Denoting or exhibiting a defect; imperfect; a failure of... Read More

Semilunar valve

The human heart structure consists of heart chambers (2 atria and 2 ventricles) that differ functionally from each other.... Read More


Definition noun A condition that is characterized by uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, gums, lips, and tongue,... Read More


syringomyelocele A form of spina bifida, consisting in a protrusion of the membranes and spinal cord through a dorsal defect... Read More

Rachischisis partialis

Definition noun A rachischisis characterized by a fissure of a part of the spinal cord Supplement Rachischisis is a birth... Read More


MM --> meningomyelocele (Science: embryology, paediatrics) A congenital defect that is characterised by the protrusion of... Read More


Definition noun plural: fructoses fruc•tose, ˈfɹʊk.toʊs A ketohexose monosaccharide with a chemical formula of... Read More


Infirmity Origin: L. Infirmitas: cf. F. Infirmite. See infirm. 1. The state of being infirm; feebleness; an imperfection or... Read More

Inborn error of metabolism

Definition noun, plural: inborn errors of metabolism Any of the various congenital genetic biochemical disorders of... Read More


Definition noun The embryological failure of the neural tube to fuse or close completely thereby resulting in the vertebrae... Read More


Reviewed by: Todd Smith, PhD Definition noun plural: enzymes en·zyme, ˈɛnzaɪm (biochemistry) A... Read More


Ellipse 1. (Science: geometry) An oval or oblong figure, bounded by a regular curve, which corresponds to an oblique... Read More

Genetic disorder

Definition noun, plural: genetic disorders A disorder caused by genetic abnormality Supplement A genetic disorder is a... Read More

Haemophilia A

Definition noun A form of haemophilia that is caused by a deficiency in blood clotting factor VIII due to a gene defect in... Read More


Infirmity Origin: L. Infirmitas: cf. F. Infirmite. See infirm. 1. The state of being infirm; feebleness; an imperfection or... Read More


Excessive size; usually caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.Excessive largeness of... Read More


Definition noun A hereditary, congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial lack of pigmentation production... Read More

Anomalous trichromatism

Anomalous trichromatism a defect in colour perception in which there appears to be an abnormality or deficiency in one of... Read More

Ronnes nasal step

Ronne's nasal step A nasal visual field defect with one margin corresponding to the retinal horizontal medium; seen in... Read More


A system pertains to interdependent or interrelated objects comprising and functioning as a whole. In biology, it may refer... Read More


Definition noun, plural: osteopetroses A rare hereditary disorder in which the bones are becoming excessively dense, thick,... Read More

Oxygen dependent killing

oxygen dependent killing One of the most important bactericidal mechanisms of mammalian phagocytes involves the production... Read More


Definition noun The absence of motile spermatozoa in semen. Supplement Azoospermia may be caused by a defect in... Read More


rogue 1. A vagrant; an idle, sturdy beggar; a vagabond; a tramp. The phrase rogues and vagabonds is applied to a large class... Read More

Pair-rule gene

Definition noun A segmentation gene whose expression subdivides the embryo into a series of stripes, and sets the boundaries... Read More

Sex-linked disorder

Definition noun, plural: sex-linked disorders A genetic disorder caused by or linked to gene(s) located in the sex... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hemoglobinopathies A genetic disorder resulting in an abnormal globin structure in the hemoglobin... Read More


Definition noun, plural: albaninos An organism with albinism, which is a condition characterized mainly by a lack of or an... Read More

Principles of Hormonal Control Systems

Hormones are chemical messengers that enter the blood directly upon their secretion from endocrine glands. A single gland or... Read More

Muscular dystrophy

muscular dystrophy A group of diseases characterised by progressive degeneration and/or loss of muscle fibres without... Read More


Definition noun, plural: quadrantanopias A visual field defect characterized by a loss of vision in a quarter section of the... Read More

Triple vision

triple vision --> triplopia visual defect in which three images of the same object are seen. Synonym: triple vision. Origin:... Read More


Malady Origin: f. Maladie, fr. Malade ill, sick, OF. Also, malabde, fr. L. Male habitus, i. E, ill-kept, not in good... Read More


sound The air bladder of a fish; as, cod sounds are an esteemed article of food. Origin: AS. Sund a swimming, akin to E.... Read More


Deficiency a lack or defect. Lack of an adequate quantity or number; the inadequacy of unemployment benefits.The state of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: salts (1) A dietary mineral comprised of sodium and chloride, used in food seasoning, preserving... Read More


ulcer (Science: dermatology) A local defect or excavation, of the surface of an organ or tissue, which is produced by the... Read More